Commercial Consultancy

We offer experience and know-how on a wide range of commercial topics, including those specifically listed here on our website.


Whether you are looking to pivot, enter a new market or fine tune for growth we can provide additional perspective based on years of industry experience.


If you are looking to develop new partnerships we can help you open the right doors or engage confidentially on your behalf, using our network of trusted industry relationships built up over many years. 


If you are looking to add bandwidth and a fresh perspective to your management team without creating a full-time role (and all that goes with it) we can help on a fractional basis. 

Get in touch

There is no charge for initial contact and no obligation, so please get in touch if there is something we can help with.  Contact Mark Fretwell on +44 (0) 7592 069591 or fill the form below for a free, confidential discussion.